Marqués de Valdueza Gran Vino de Guarda 2007

Winery: Bodega Perales, S.L.
Region: VT Extremadura
Type of Wine: Red wine
Aging & Type of Oak:
12 months French oak 225 and 400L barrels, 51% new, medium toast
Annual Production(in bottles): 35,000
Awards & Recognition:
Peñín Guide 2013 - 93 points
U.S. Importer:
Mono Verde Imports, LLC
(626) 414-4150

Tasting Note

Big is the watchword for this wine; the fruits are ripe, veering into overripeness at times, but everything else about the wine is just as big, so the wine seems handle the spicy oak as well as the ripe character. This is clearly wine for aging, as the name “gran vino de guarda” would suggest, but it’s a fascinating look into what Extremadura may have in its future. Drink soon or in the next five or more years.

Wine Description

Marqués de Valdueza 2007 is dense and flavorful, extremely elegant, fresh and persistent. The youthful impetuosity of this wine can be enjoyed immediately and for the next four years, and for those who like time to work its delicate magic, producing elegant transformations in aroma, taste and the feel of the wine, we suggest waiting for the fifth year, given that the aging potential of Marqués de Valdueza 2007 is very high. We also suggest that the wine be decanted an hour before serving and it be served at 16ºC. The red wine, “Marqués de Valdueza”, is the ideal accompaniment for a cuisine based on cured Iberian ham, tenderloins and chorizo, red meats, game and certain cheeses, especially for dishes like: - Cecina de León (cured, mountain beef) drizzled with extra virgin olive oil - Hare terrine with onion marmalade - Wine-sautéed, wild boar with pumpkin gnocchi - Duck magret with figs, braised red cabbage and sauce grand veneur (butter and red currant marmalade) - Saint Nectaire (for French cheese connoisseurs) - Soft and careful fermentation that respects the original characteristics of the grape (color, aroma, and mature tannins), looking for freshness and elegance and avoiding a vulgar extraction that produces potent but aggressive wines. - Aging in French oak barrels from Bordeaux of 225 and 400 liters, as per the necessities of each variety. Marqués de Valdueza 2007 was matured in 51% new barrels, 40% in one-year old barrels, with the remaining 9% aged in stainless steel tanks. For the full picture, ask about the entire range of wines from Marqués de Valdueza.

About the Winery

Historians know the name of Valdueza for the family's role in the discovery of the Americas and the forging of modern European nation states. Romantics know the name Valdueza as among the last ranchers to move their cattle from estate to estate by herding them on horseback, the transhumance. Gourmets know Valdueza for the family's world-renowned extra-virgin olive oil. The red wine, Marqués de Valdueza, is the result of the careful cultivation and meticulous winemaking at the vineyard and winery on the estate, Perales de Valdueza. This estate, located near Mérida, Badajoz, has belonged to the family, the Álvarez de Toledo, since 1624. Mérida, then known as Emerita Augusta, was the capital of Lusitania, the westernmost province of the Roman Empire. As was Rome's custom, her greatest cities were founded where grapevines and love trees flourish. This is the case of Emerita Augusta upon whose tradition the Valdueza winemaking legacy is founded.

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